Step into the Forest

Step into the Forest

My latest project is titled The Liminal Forest Oracle.

The liminal is the space of transformation. It’s the pause between breaths, the magic of twilight, and the silent whisper of change. The Liminal Forest Oracle taps into these mystical energies, bringing clarity to your queries and peace to your spirit.

As you meander through the shadowed woods and sun-dappled fields, my thoughtfully illustrated cards reveal the secrets of the forest, guiding your path and illuminating your innermost questions.

Here is an example from the deck:


In a storm, our flexibility acts as our safeguard, allowing us to adjust and adapt under pressure. Even as the winds rage, our inner resilience assures us that they are temporary and that we'll soon stand firm. However, some storms can be so powerful that they test our very limits, making us question how much more we can endure. It's in this struggle, the tug-of-war between holding on and letting go, where we often find a spark and our creativity ignites.

This deck will release in 2024 - as of now I am shooting for February.

Thank you! 

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