What's on the other side of the door? The Keyhole spread reading for the collective

What's on the other side of the door? The Keyhole spread reading for the collective

From my new book 80 3 card spreads for quick clarity, The Keyhole Spread is a three-card tarot layout designed to illuminate barriers, provide the means to overcome them, and give a glimpse of the potential on the other side.

The Door card is your block, the obstacle that keeps you from moving forward. In this space, we face the barriers that keep us trapped. Although this is a reading for the collective, for me—and I can't help but think, for many of you, too—the Eight of Swords is screaming loud and clear! This card isn't just about the real impediments in your life; it's about the mental barriers you've constructed. Does this resonate? You're not alone, but guess what? That cage? You have the key. The stories we tell ourselves are the gremlin that keeps us in there. Having the courage to face a difficult situation when you can't predict or control the outcome is half the battle.

The second card in this spread is the key! Just when you're knee-deep in challenges and feeling powerless, here comes the Two of Swords. I am catching a trend here with the blindfolds! When there are common imagery or numbers, I take note. This card isn't just an answer; it's a toolkit for navigating through your Eight of Swords door. Are you paralyzed at the intersection of Should-I-Go-Left or Maybe-I-Should-Go-Right? Are you ignoring an issue that may be an emotionally difficult situation? This card is your gut-check moment. It's inviting you to lean into your discomfort and decide, blindfold be damned! Ignoring your intuition and the facts is like trying to breathe with a pillow over your face—you'll eventually have to come up for air. This is your chance to choose courage over comfort, even when the decision is anything but easy.

What is waiting for us on the other side of the door? Well, your first inclination may be to say, "Never mind, I'll stay where I am; thank you, no need to go through that door!" I didn't want to see the Five of Cups either, but hear me out; it may lead to a critical "Aha!" moment. This card isn't about the sky falling; it's about shifting your gaze upward after acknowledging the loss. It says, "Okay, you've gone through the heartache or loss, but look around you. There's still something here." There is something left to focus your energy on. When you practice gratitude for what's left, not resentment for what's lost, you find the inner strength to move forward. It's about finding the resilience to say, "This sucks, but it's not the full story, nor is it the end of the story."

So, what are these cards telling us? Well, your first step is acknowledging that maybe the only thing holding you back is a narrative you've outgrown. To break free, you'll need to engage in courageous decision-making that will likely push you out of your comfort zone. And after you've stepped through that door? Expect to find a new emotional landscape to explore. It may not be easy, but it will be rich with opportunities for growth, resilience, and a deeper connection to what matters. So, as you stand in front of your metaphorical doors, remember: owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the most fearless thing we'll ever do.

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