Why I opted for the pre-order-only model: Exclusivity, Connection, and the Journey Behind Every Deck

Why I opted for the pre-order-only model: Exclusivity, Connection, and the Journey Behind Every Deck

Tarot decks are not just a purchase; they're an experience. Each deck tells a story, holds energy, and serves as a conduit between the universe and our inner selves. The intimate nature of tarot makes it essential that every deck I design and release resonates deeply with authenticity and intention.

Many of you have inquired about why I am offering my decks through pre-orders only, and I want to shed some light on this decision. It's a choice made carefully, ensuring that I can provide you with a deck that's not just a tool but a treasured possession.

Exclusivity: Tarot and oracle decks are deeply personal. Each deck becomes a limited edition of sorts with the pre-order-only model. Knowing that you possess a deck that isn't mass-produced and available everywhere adds to its mystique and personal connection. 

Direct Connection with You:  Pre-orders allow me to gauge interest and ensure that I create decks you genuinely desire. It's a more collaborative process, where your anticipation and my creation come together, ensuring a deeper bond between the artist (me) and the user (you). 

Sustainable Business Model: Managing inventory can be challenging as a solo entrepreneur. The pre-order model ensures I don't overproduce, leading to upfront expenses or underproduce, leaving some of you disappointed. 

Flexibility in Creation and Financial Management: Choosing the pre-order-only approach also allows me more flexibility in my creative process. I can manage my cash flow better by ordering just enough decks from the printer. This helps maintain the financial health of my business and frees up resources for other projects, ensuring continuous innovation and variety for you. 

Anticipation and Energy: In the realm of tarot, energy plays a pivotal role. The anticipation built during the wait after a pre-order can intensify your connection to your deck once it arrives. It becomes not just a purchase but a much-awaited arrival, an event in itself. 

I deeply appreciate the trust and patience each of you places in me by choosing to pre-order. Know that with every deck you order; you're not just getting cards but a piece of my heart, art, and unyielding commitment to creating an artful collection of energetic cards. Thank you for being a part of this journey and allowing me to be a part of yours. 

Thank you,


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