Card 3

Today You have chosen card 3 - The Five of Wands!

General Message for the Five of Wands:

You may enter a time of conflict, competition, and clashing viewpoints. On the horizon waits a period where tensions may be high, and people may be at odds with one another. However, it's worth noting that the conflict will not be severe or malicious; instead, it revolves around challenges of coordination and collaboration. You are encouraged to approach disagreements with an open mind and see them as growth opportunities rather than obstacles. Differences in opinion can lead to creative solutions if approached constructively. Avoid getting lost in unnecessary arguments and try to find common ground. Remember, we often find innovative solutions by facing challenges and integrating diverse perspectives. Stay patient, remain respectful, and seek ways to harmonize the various energies at play.

The Story:

Patrick and Michael O’Sullivan, known in the close-knit South Boston community as 'Iron Fist' and 'Steel Arm' due to their formidable prowess in boxing, epitomized sibling rivalry. Their competitiveness was legendary, extending back to their earliest days. Their mother often joked that their constant movement in the womb felt like a competition for space, setting the stage for their lifelong contests.

Throughout their childhood, the brothers turned everything into a competition—from who could learn the alphabet faster to who was the quickest to finish a meal. As they grew, this competitive spirit only intensified. They challenged each other in every aspect of life, from dating to who could outlast the other at a local bar. It seemed almost destined that they would end up opening rival boxing gyms as adults.

The brothers, always learning from each other, inadvertently fueled their mutual growth. Their rivalry, intense as it was, positively impacted their neighborhood. They competed not just in the ring, but in acts of community service, like shoveling snow for the elderly or delivering meals to the homebound. Annually, they raised significant funds for St. Francis Orphanage through their boxing clubs, a tradition that had become a cornerstone of their community by 1923.

In that year, they united for a unique fundraising event—a boxing match between themselves. The event was highly anticipated for its promise of fierce competition and humorous banter. The entire neighborhood buzzed with excitement.

On the day of the fundraiser, both brothers experienced intense headaches, which they brushed off as stress-related. The match began with a flair of theatricality, with both missing their initial swings, leading the audience to chuckle, suspecting a staged act. However, the mood shifted dramatically when both brothers collapsed after what appeared to be mild blows. The crowd's laughter turned to confusion and then to alarm as it became clear that something was seriously wrong.

Tragically, it was later revealed that both Patrick and Michael had succumbed to undiagnosed brain aneurysms, leading to a stunned silence among the onlookers. In a bittersweet twist, murmurs spread through the crowd that, in a way characteristic of their entire lives, the brothers had unknowingly turned their final moments into a race—a competition to reach the afterlife first.