card 7

Today You have chosen card 7 - Nine of Pentacles!

General Message for the Nine of Pentacles:

The Nine of Pentacles shines a light on the fruits of your labor and the rewards of diligence and persistence. The energy housed in this card celebrates personal achievements, financial stability, and the pleasures of self-reliance. Take a moment to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You've worked hard to get to this point, and it's essential to recognize and relish your achievements. Indulge in the pleasures and comforts that you've earned. However, remember that true contentment comes from material accomplishments and deep inner peace and satisfaction. The Nine of Pentacles also speaks to the importance of independence and self-sufficiency. You have the resources, both material and internal, to sustain yourself. Trust in your abilities, continue to nurture your growth, and always remember to take time to enjoy the richness of life that you've cultivated.

The Story:

Rosa Lopez, an elegant and self-reliant woman, decided to visit her son and his new wife. It had been several months since their wedding, and she looked forward to a week's stay in their garden guest house, ensuring she wouldn't be a burden to anyone. Rosa valued her independence, preferring to manage her schedule and daily activities without imposing on her son and daughter-in-law, despite knowing they would be hospitable.

Rosa's mornings were a cherished ritual involving brewing tea and savoring it amidst the lush garden. Her son and daughter-in-law, both adept gardeners, had transformed their space into a verdant retreat, adorned with two peacocks that added an exotic touch to the surroundings. These peacocks, usually docile, provided a serene backdrop to Rosa's tranquil mornings.

However, an unexpected turn of events disrupted this paradise. One morning, while Rosa was in the garden, the peacocks, driven by a rare bout of aggression possibly stemming from jealousy, engaged in a fierce confrontation. Soon, Rosa found herself caught in the middle, becoming the target of their pecking and biting. As a hemophiliac, Rosa's condition made her particularly vulnerable to bleeding. Even superficial wounds could pose a severe risk, as her blood lacked sufficient clotting factors.

Alone and in distress, Rosa screamed for help, but to no avail. She managed to escape back to the guest house, bloodied and bruised. While she attended to her visible wounds, cleaning and wrapping them, she was unaware of a more threatening injury. Unbeknownst to her, the peacock attack had caused internal bleeding at the top of her scalp, a particularly hazardous situation for someone with her condition, since internal bleeding in the head can be fatal.

Rosa's absence from her usual garden routine alarmed her son the next morning. Upon checking, he made a heartbreaking discovery: Rosa had passed away in her sleep. The serene order of the guest house stood in poignant contrast to the tragic and unforeseen end of what was supposed to be a peaceful vacation.