card 9

Today You have chosen card 9 - The Ace of Cups!

General Message for the Ace of Cups:

The Ace of Cups brings new emotional beginnings, profound spiritual insights, and the blossoming of love, be it romantic, platonic, or self-love. You are about to embark on a time of emotional and spiritual rebirth, indicating that your heart is open and receptive to the deeper currents of feeling and intuition. The Ace of Cups encourages you to embrace this fresh influx of emotional energy, whether it's the start of a new relationship, the deepening of an existing bond, or a newfound understanding of your feelings. This card also serves as a gentle reminder to nurture your emotional well-being, to listen to your innermost feelings, and to trust in the intuitive insights that emerge from this space of sensitivity. Dive into the deep reservoir of emotion, let your heart lead the way, and trust that the universe supports your emotional journey.

The Story:

The spirit guide connected to the Ace of Cups aims to help people rediscover their buried feelings and awaken their dormant intuition. When feeling emotionally adrift, or if you have built a wall around your heart, you may find that is when this guide appears.

One such individual was Sasha, a middle-aged investment banker who had lost faith in love after a series of painful breakups. The spirit entered her mind through a vivid dreamscape, showing her memories of past joys and sorrows, helping her understand that each experience was a step towards growth. Sasha's journey with the guide rekindled an openness to trust again. Not long after, she met Alex, who worked in her building, whose presence sparked a newfound excitement and connection in her life. They bonded over the desire for a better coffee option in the lobby, a love of fine wine, and walks through the park during lunch. Sasha finally felt something she hadn't felt in years.

Then, there was Michael, a freshman in college who had become cynical too early in life. The guide transported him to moments from his past where his heart was open, reminding him of the joy of friendship and the feeling of crushes. Connecting with his inner child opened the door to meet Sarah, another freshman also feeling lost and alone in a new school. Their initial relationship blossomed into a deep, meaningful companionship filled with mutual understanding and respect. 

The spirit of the Ace of Cups plants seeds that grow into loving feelings; pay attention; when your intuition is heightened, you can almost feel this guide's company.