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Crow Tarot

Crow Tarot - Pocket Edition SPECIAL (Ships LATE AUGUST)

Crow Tarot - Pocket Edition SPECIAL (Ships LATE AUGUST)

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Discover the power of the Crow Tarot with this pocket edition. Boasting a smaller size, it is easy to take on the go and use to gain insight on the path you are traveling. With a beautifully designed two-piece box and guidebook, the special pocket edition is the perfect way to access the wisdom of the cards anytime.

Crow Tarot - Pocket Edition SPECIAL includes:

  • Signed copy of the Crow Tarot - pocket edition
  • 20 card Indie Urban Crow Expansion set - check out the deck here
  • Shipping included (US only)

PRE-ORDER - US Games will be releasing the deck late August!

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