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Crow Tarot

Crow Affirmations

Crow Affirmations

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PRE-ORDER to RESERVE YOUR DECK! Ships Late April Early May:

Engaging with this 96-card deck is intuitive and unstructured. To connect with your collection of crows, simply hold the deck with your eyes closed. There's no need for shuffling or any specific ritual; feel free to draw a card from any part of the deck that resonates with you or let your hands naturally separate the deck into stacks from which you can select the card that seems to call out to you. Alternatively, you could cycle through the cards, placing them on your desk so the top card becomes a focal point for your day, serving as an energy anchor.

Incorporating the Crow Affirmation deck into your daily ritual is like a short visit with an old friend who shares words of encouragement. This collection of cards draws inspiration from the Urban Crow Oracle and the Major Arcana of the Crow Tarot. The Crow Affirmation stands apart from traditional oracle and tarot decks by offering instant insights and a straightforward approach. With the Crow Affirmation deck, the messages are concise and to the point while still honoring the deck's unique character.

The Crow Affirmation Deck is a dream-taking flight this April. Dive in and let this deck guide you toward a more insightful and empowered day.

Like all my decks - this deck is available through pre-order only. This is a hefty deck consisting of 96 cards. Crow Affirmations will release this spring! 

Printed in the US and comes in a 2 piece box and although the message is on the front and back of the card there will be a guidebook for using the deck. 

Card size is 3.5x5"

Price includes shipping in the US

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