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Crow Tarot

Liminal Forest Oracle

Liminal Forest Oracle

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As we venture into the liminal forest, we discover a space where time seems to pause, a space of transformation where we uncover the insights that lead us on our path. 

Please note - this is a work in progress. If you enjoy what you have seen so far and believe this is a project worthy of being printed, please pre-order to support this deck. It is through pre-orders that my decks come to life. 

I am designing The Liminal Forest to work as a single daily card pull deck. A card deck that serves as a daily check-in with your subconscious, guiding you through various situations.

Sample entries from the guidebook:


Sometimes we are curious about change. We poke our nose around it - consider it, think about it - but taking the leap into the unknown is too frightening. Sometimes no matter how careful we are to avoid it -  we fall into it and that can be very scary - especially when we don’t know how we will land. The only thing we can do when we are in a state of change is remember eventually we will stop falling. And when that time comes -because it will; we will need to decide -do we stay in that hole looking up at what was, or do we find the courage to carve a new path?


In a storm, our flexibility acts as our safeguard, allowing us to adjust and adapt under pressure. Even as the winds rage, our inner resilience assures us that they are temporary and that we'll soon stand firm. However, some storms can be so powerful that they test our very limits, making us question how much more we can endure. It's in this struggle, the tug-of-war between holding on and letting go, where we often find a spark and our creativity ignites.


At times, our fixation on a particular idea or outcome blinds us, ensnaring our minds in a loop of familiarity and comfort. This tunnel vision makes us prone to repeating past mistakes and stifles our potential, keeping us from exploring new avenues and possibilities. As we become deeply entrenched in our patterns, we may miss valuable lessons and opportunities that lie just outside our narrow focus. True growth and innovation often require stepping back, re-evaluating our attachments, and being open to the world's vast array of experiences. Only then can we break free from the cycle, allowing ourselves to evolve and progress.

About the deck:
There will be 54 cards - like my other indie decks; The Liminal Forest Oracle will come in a two-piece box and include a detailed guidebook. Printed in the USA
The cards are 3.5x5 - 330gsm card stock and will have a soft velvety matt finish.

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