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Crow Tarot

SHIPS IN AUGUST - Garden of Enchanted Creatures

SHIPS IN AUGUST - Garden of Enchanted Creatures

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The Garden of Enchanted Creatures
A delightfully unexpected Tarot that will leave you spellbound

This project is now funding on Indiegogo, however if you would like to use Paypal to pre-order and support this project, you can do it here! 

I'm thrilled to invite you to join me on a truly unique journey with the Garden of Enchanted Creatures Tarot, the first day on Indiegogo the goal was smashed, obliterated, blasted through! This deck is going to press!  

Why the Garden of Enchanted Creatures Tarot?

This isn't just another tarot deck. Each of the 78 cards in the Garden of Enchanted Creatures Tarot is a portal to a vibrant, magical realm designed to enchant and engage. As an independent creator with 13 tarot and oracle decks that have found a loving audience, I've seen firsthand the power of a truly connected tarot experience. My decks are not merely tools for divination; they are companions in your personal and spiritual journey.

A Responsible, Collectible Creation

Unlike most Tarot and Oracle decks on the market printed in China, my decks are produced in the USA by a dedicated family-owned business; these decks are made with love and an eye toward sustainability. My indie decks are born from pre-orders and/or crowdfunding this way I only print what is wanted, ensuring no waste or unnecessary production. As an artist, I want my work in the hands of those who value it, not sitting on some shelf in a warehouse waiting to be discovered. 

PLEASE NOTE - adding some other items to you order? You may want to order separately from other items as this deck ships in August and I don't ship orders incomplete

About the deck:

Card size: 3.5x5 - 330gsm black core stock

Arrives in a sturdy 2 piece box 

Includes a guidebook

Ships directly from my printer



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