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Tales for Tomorrow - Lenormand

Tales for Tomorrow - Lenormand

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Arrives January 17th 2024!

Welcome to the Tales for Tomorrow, Lenormand! I created this whimsical deck to help us peek across the veil and watch as stories come together to uncover what tomorrow holds for us. 

Unlike tarot, which has a more complex system of symbolism and interpretation, the Lenormand deck is straightforward and literal in its meaning. Each card represents a specific aspect of life, such as love, money, travel, or health, and when combined with other cards, the string creates a story that reveals new insights and opportunities.

Card Size: 2.5"x3.5"

Includes a guidebook! 

Using a Lenormand deck can be a powerful tool for attaining understanding and guidance into various aspects of your life when you need clear direction or a new perspective on a situation.

Within these 36 cards, you will find various interpretations depending on their context within a reading. By considering the meanings of each card individually, their relationship to each other, and the question asked, you can gain immediate insight and guidance into your situation.

And remember, this guidebook will offer you the meanings for each card within the Tales for Tomorrow deck, but it is you who will craft your story.

Sample meanings:

2. Clover

6 of Diamonds

luck, good fortune, serendipity, optimism, or small blessings

 The Clover card is a sign that luck and good fortune are on the horizon.

The Clover may indicate that unexpected blessings or opportunities will soon come into your life or happy coincidences will bring a joyful surprise. It can also represent the idea that the universe is working in your favor, creating more reasons to feel optimistic.

 A reminder of small, everyday blessings that add to a greater sense of happiness and contentment, this card can encourage gratitude for the little things in life.

 However the Clover appears, it is a positive sign, indicating that things are working out in your favor or that unexpected opportunities are on the horizon.


5. Tree

7 of Hearts

health, growth, stability, family, or wisdom

Depending on your question and the other cards within the reading, the Tree, with its many branches, has the potential for several interpretations. The Tree may draw your attention to health and well-being. It may suggest that taking care of yourself or seeking medical attention is necessary. The Tree may also point to seeking guidance from wise elders or cultivating your wisdom through learning and experience to benefit a situation.

The Tree card also brings the potential for growth and expansion in a particular area of life, such as career, relationships, or personal development. It may indicate that it is time to nurture and cultivate your goals and aspirations.

Another interpretation may reveal that your situation will benefit from focusing on areas that bring stability and rootedness as well as understanding the importance of building solid foundations and security in your life.


Finally, the Tree may appear as a signal to look toward your family tree and focus on your family history and the importance of family relationships.

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