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Crow Tarot

2nd Printing of Unfinished Business - A Ghostly Tarot

2nd Printing of Unfinished Business - A Ghostly Tarot

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Estimated to release Late April/Early MAY

New to Tarot? One of the easiest ways to learn the meanings is through connecting the energy to stories.

In 'Unfinished Business', Valdis Gaumond serves as your guide. As a seasoned medium, she draws upon her collective of nomadic enlightened spirits, channeling their tales in relation to the energies and messages encapsulated in the Tarot."

Embark on a transformative journey with me as 79 ghost stories unite the spiritual realm with the Tarot's profound wisdom!

Although the stories within the deck are fictional, the energy within this deck is very much real. 

I believe that linking each Tarot card to a story truly brings its energy to life, deepening our understanding. It is through stories that we learn.

78 thoughtfully illustrated cards designed to help you intuitively connect with the energy. There is of course one bonus card for Valdis. 

Card-size: 3.25"x5" 330gsm card stock with soft matte finish. These cards are durable, flexible and shuffle beautifully! 

The deck is printed in the USA  

Like all my independently printed decks -

This is not a mass-marketed deck, it is independently published and only brought to life through the support of those who want to see this project realized. 

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